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Teens lend a helping handJoin the club - 59% of teenagers in the US volunteer . every year to do their part in changing the world. Even a little means a lot.

3 hours a week is usually all it takes. That's not too harsh, and while you're helping out, you'll also be able to meet up with people your own age, and get good work experience (by the way, volunteering looks really great on a job resume.)

There's a good handful of sites where you can find out where to volunteer, or lend a hand in your community at hospitals, senior citizen centers, nature preserves or animal shelters.

Check 'em out...

VolunteerMatch - Enter your zip code plus your area of interest to find volunteering opportunities right in your neighborhood. - Ways to help the world's voiceless with ideas for hassling Congress, contacting the press, and getting your own voice heard, along with action plans for fundraising and volunteering.

Do - Info for middle school and high school students and what they can do to fight hunger in the world, with ideas you can start right away in your school or community.

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