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Drugs are bad.

How many times have you heard it?

If you haven't, you've either tuned out the messages from hard core addicts, anti-drug advertising campaigns, TV shows, movies and celebrity testimonials...

...or just maybe you've fallen into the drug scene through a friend or family member and don't want to hear it.

If so, there's plenty of information on the Web on how to stay off the stuff, or facts on musts-to-avoid everywhere from the dance club to the clubhouse.

You'll also likely find someone online ready to help you, or someone you love, kick a bad habit ..


also see in Alcoholism -> Teen Drinking | also see in Home Legal Guide -> Drug Possession Laws

Juvenile Justice & Criminal Law


More about drugs & teens around the Web:

Altered States - Kick-butt version of the PBS "In the Mix" special with gritty pictures, video clips & stories right from drug boot camp, plus interviews with recovered hard-core addicts, teen drug abuse stats, and links to related documentaries on alcohol, ecstasy, and teen depression.

Talk to Frank - The UK version of Go Ask Alice (see above) with the A-Z encyclopedia of drugs for street market info and nicknames for acid, downers, coke, and more including personal stories, related links & resources and a contact form for questions.

NIDA for Teens - Facts on Drugs - Like it says, leaving the preaching for Sunday school with solid facts on the usual suspects, their street names, with more on prescription drugs, club drugs and, for you jocks - all about steroids.

Sport Supplements - More about steroids, creatine, DHEA and other illegal stuff that helps you perform better on the field. Besides the anger management issues, find out why else it's so not cool.

Above the Influence - Check out instructional videos, tips on helping friends kick the habit, and good fact sheets on meth, weed, crack, and heroin.

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