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Teens & money managementYeah, it makes the world go 'round, alright.

And without it, you're out of luck. How much do you need and how do you start making the kind of money that will launch your life or career? Not to mention clothes, food, nights out at the movies, and what about that nice, new car?

Knowing where to find work while you're still in school is a good place to start.

Finding part-time teen jobs (or full time work during the summer) takes a bit of work in itself in a tough economy. It takes patience, a can-do attitude, and organization.

Imagination also helps, especially if you're looking to start your own business as a young hot shot entrepreneur.

On the Web, find guides & suggestions on how to make it, keep it, invest it, spend it — on anything that floats your boat...

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Successful Budgeting for College Students

More about teens and money around the Web:

The Mint
- You paid how much for that? Welcome to the real world with financial guides to tracking where all the money goes and how to hold onto it, including tips on earnings, spending, investing, with interactive games to sharpen your money smarts.

Sense & Dollars - Fun, goofy & cool games that show you the money -- including how much you might need for the prom - and what that credit card is really costing you and your parents.

Reality Check - Quit dreaming and get real about how you're going to pay for that SUV or summers by the shore ...

Money Talks
- Um, hellooo. Yes - especially if you're planning on leaving the comfort zone of home anytime soon. Check out cool downloads, educational videos, and interactive games.

Young Money - The cool teen online magazine for future millionaires including advice on how to start a business, save money on a car, invest your money, avoid credit card debt, and lots more for enterprising older teens and college kids.


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