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popular social media sitesIt's always great swapping stories, gossip, pictures and videos, finding a date, or just meeting other wired friends and family.

Social media has made this the most interactive generation ever. But contrary to popular belief, teens aren't the social media zombies they are sometimes portrayed to be and, when given the choice, much prefer fact-to-face contact with friends and family.

Online, just be careful out there and don't reveal too much of yourself -- and we're not talking just about the photos. Personal information should stay that way including your phone number, address, or any other details you'd prefer the world not to know.

If you've already visited the top teen forums (or have been keeping up with the news), you already know the dangers of wackos and stalkers who may prey on the unsuspecting.

That said, just up ahead find some of the most popular social media sites for teens, but (as mom probably told you years ago), always look both ways before crossing...

More about social media around the Web:

- Everybody and their grandma's most popular social media network, with nearly a billion people around the planet joining in to post family pictures and videos and have their say. .

Twitter - Check out updates in real time as Tweets become the world's new newswire, offering up everything from up-to-the-minute celebrity feuds to eyewitness reporting on political uprisings.

YouTube - Maybe the world's biggest teen hangout, where you can create your own channel and maybe create the Web's next viral video. Otherwise, you can simply browse your favorite videos or interact like crazy with other users in the comments section.

Google + - The Goog's answer to Facebook.

tumblr - If you've ever wanted to blog, this is the place to be. Easily set up a running commentary, post pics and videos, and interact with other users.

Yahoo! Answers - More a Q&A site than a place to hang out, you can still join up to ask or answer specific questions from a huge Yahoo! community. Be a friend to make a friend by helping out to answer somebody's urgent need for dating advice or homework help ...

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