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Is everything OK, or is the nation just going to over the cliff?

Join other teens in forums and message boards to find out what they're thinking, and doing, about the state of the world.

Elsewhere on the Web, find out how to separate the real deal from the hype that's usually spinning from national and local governments.

Better yet, learn how to get involved — with information on legislation coming down the pike that touches your life including global warming, affordable health insurance, the price of a college education and related information on how you can affect the future right now ...

More about teens and politics around the Web:

Rock the Vote - Get in-your-face news about White House plans that directly impact teens and young adults.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Watch American news and politics get skewered with surgical precision.

The Freechild Project - Stand up and be counted in one of the biggest grass roots political movement for kids and teens on the Web.

Natural Resources Defense Council - On the front lines in the fight against global warming and the destruction of forests and protected natural resources, and the protection of whales and the oceans they live in, and more...with membership application and what else you can do to help.

PETA - The online home to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals with facts, info and examples of how people are joining in the fight for animal rights.

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