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How To Lose Weight Fast!


Instructions :

healthy eating & exercise
Lose weight fast as you reduce sugar, carbs, &
salt while you increase physical activity ...

Eating right, exercise and a healthy dose of self-control will get you slimmed down in a matter of days or weeks.

Whether you want to look good at reunion, wedding, or at the beach this summer, losing weight fast takes only takes a bit of planning and determination:

1. Check all food labels and aim to limit your intake to 1,050 calories a day.

2. To really lose weight fast, avoid salt and starches to reduce fluid retention. When you cut sodium and carbs from your diet you can lose up to 5 pounds of fluid loss in the first week!

3. Empty the refrigerator and clear kitchen cabinets of anything that might tempt you by substituting sugary snacks and ice cream with fresh fruit, nuts (unsalted) and yogurt.

4. Continue to keep eating at regular intervals to maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

5. Keep a journal. Writing it all down helps you keep a mental inventory of calorie intake and physical activity.

6. Speaking of physical activity, there really is no substitute for it. Depending on how much weight you intend to lose, a good exercise regimen could anything from brisk walks several times a day to a full-blown "boot camp" program at your local gym.

7. Finally, avoid the fads everybody talks about such as pills, laxatives, the "cabbage soup diet" and other plans that sap energy. Not only are they unhealthy in the long run, you'll need to keep your strength up to help burn off excess fat with lots of physical activity.

Helpful Hints :

It can be easy to lose weight fast when you know how. You can do it! Good luck!

Materials List :

A journal (or even scraps of paper) to write down your daily calorie intake - anything that will help you make a mental note of how many calories you are consuming each day.

Submitted By :

Susan L


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