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How To Make Money Fast


Instructions :

fast money
Check out these tips
& ideas for creating a
money stream when
you need quick cash.

Short on cash? Need quick money to pay the rent or a late payment? Maybe you just want to save up for a special purchase, or need extra money for a vacation trip you always dreamed about.

There are lots of way to make money fast when you're strapped for cash. Here is the Top Ten list:

1. The fastest way to make money is to think local. Consider baby sitting, dog walking, house sitting, mowing lawns, raking leaves, handing out flyers, delivering newspapers, or other quick employment where you're paid by the job. If you're new to the neighborhood, head for places where people usually post notes advertising odd jobs. Try community centers, supermarkets or grocery stores.

2. Got a special talent? If you can fix cars, tinker with computers, bake scrumptious cupcakes, take expert photos, or can otherwise boast about skills that might be in demand, don't be shy about advertising yourself on flyers you can place on local bulletin boards.

3. Think restaurant service. Wait tables at a local restaurant, get hired by a catering company, or tend bar at a neighborhood pub. Find where the busiest establishments are and apply. Once you're hired on, there's no waiting around for a week or two to get paid since cash tips go right into your pocket the first day.

4. Make money fast by selling off your stuff. Look around for DVD's, clothes, furniture, radios, TVs, electronic gadgets, books or other items around the house and advertise them online at E-Bay or Craig's List, or have a yard or garage sale.

5. If you're in generally good health, donate blood. Look up your local blood bank and ask about requirements. Drink lots of water and eat a high-protein meal the day before you go to speed up recovery afterwards. Payments are typically $20-30 in money up front. You can donate up to twice weekly translating to cash payments upwards of $240 a month.

6. Join in online surveys or look up local marketing companies to participate in person. In larger cities, marketing companies are always looking for people to take part in consumer surveys and focus groups. You'll need to fit the age and demographic they're looking for, but if you qualify you can make up to $200 cash just for showing up in person to a round table discussion to give your opinion on a product or service.

7. Go green and make a profit. Collect cans and bottles to make fast cash at recycling centers.

8. Take in a boarder or roommate and cut your bills in half.

9. If you're already employed and need extra money fast, explain your circumstances to your boss or union rep to see if you can get an emergency loan or quick infusion of cash that can be deducted from your paycheck each week.

10. Budget your money and pay yourself the difference. Eliminate the $3 cup of coffee at Starbucks, shop at thrift stores, bike to work, eat on the cheap (think rice, beans, pasta) or think of other ways to cut expenses to the bone.

Helpful Hints :

Making money fast or earning extra cash takes energy and creativity. Depending on your circumstances, I suggest using at least a few (or perhaps all!) of these tips and ideas to create a money stream that you may later bankroll into a small fortune.

Materials List :

newspaper classifieds, online access, and a determination to market yourself and your skills.

Submitted By :

Kenneth Phillips

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