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How To Make a Diaper Cake


Instructions :

begin diaper cake bottom tier
PHOTO 1: the diaper cake "core" begins with 7-8 diapers secured around a baby bottle...

bottom tier of the diaper cake

PHOTO 2 : the completed diaper cake bottom tier.

second tier of the diaper cake

PHOTO 3 : place the second tier atop the bottom tier, and you're almost done!

completed diaper cake

PHOTO 4 : decorate with colorful ribbon to hide rubber bands.

What is a diaper cake?

One of the most popular gifts to give at baby showers over the past several years, a diaper cake is simply a large package of diapers - made to look like a three-tiered cake - which is then festively decorated with ribbons, bows, bibs, pacifiers and more.

It's not only a practical gift (what expectant mother doesn't need diapers) but it also serves as a great centerpiece for any baby shower or party celebrating a new arrival.

To create your own stunning diaper cake, just follow these illustrated step-by-step directions below:

Ingredients for a three-tiered diaper cake:

Infant or Size 1 diapers (about 60-70 diapers depending on how large you want to make it)
1 package clear rubber bands
1 package rubber bands, various sizes
1 large cardboard or plastic cake platter (to use as the base)
2 8 oz. baby bottles
Double-sided tape
Cellophane wrap
Optional: baby rattles, pacifiers, socks, bows, flowers, and toys to decorate

Diaper cake step-by-step instructions:

1.Prepare to assemble the cake by first tightly rolling up each diaper and securing with clear rubber bands. This will be the main ingredient for creating all the "tiers".

2. To start the bottom tier, place a bottle in the center of the platter. Take a medium-size rubber band and place it around the bottle. Take the rolled diapers and begin inserting them one by one inside the rubber band. Surround the bottle with 7-8 diapers until it forms the first ring. (see Photo 1)

3. To complete the bottom tier, repeat the process by adding another ring around the first, and then another for a total of three rings of diapers (see Photo 2).

4. To form the second tier, place a rubberband around the top of the bottle and fill with diapers. Surround it with a second ring of diapers for a total of two rings to form the second layer. Place atop the bottom tier (see Photo 3).

5. Inside the space left in the second tier, insert the second bottle, and create only one ring of diapers to form the third tier. Place it atop the second tier ...and you're almost done.

6. Now that you have all three tiers of the cake assembled, decorate by cutting strips of colored ribbon to tie around each tier to hide the rubber bands. Use double-sided tape to secure the ends of the ribbon (see Photo 4).

7. Further decorate by placing small items such as infant rattles, pacifiers, socks, bows, toys or even flowers around each tier. Top with a small plush toy as the "crowning" achievement to your impressive homemade diaper cake.

8. Finally, secure your diaper cake by wrapping it up in clear or colorful cellophane and top with a bow.

Helpful Hints :

The number of diapers required will depend on the size. Any leftovers can be tied up in a colorful ribbon and presented separately at the baby shower, or place them in the wishing well.

Materials List :

See above.

Submitted By :

Carol David


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