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How To Get Rid of Roaches


Instructions :

Get rid of roaches!


boric acid, roach spray, bait
Pick your poison: boric acid, roach spray, roach bait, plus more tips & advice on getting rid of roaches, and stopping them from coming back ...

Ugh! Roaches!

They're not only gross to look at - they can spread germs, ruin food, and breed in books and papers.

Like rats and pigeons, cockroaches have learned to adapt to life anywhere, but when its in your house or apartment it can be a very unpleasant experience.

With the following tips and suggestions you can find out where they're coming from, hunt them down, and prevent the little creeps from ever coming back:

1. Cockroach killers

Boric acid : Available in plastic containers with a spray nozzle, you can find boric acid powder in most hardware stores and supermarkets. It is probably the best and most effective weapon in the roach killing arsenal. Another added advantage is that boric acid is completely odorless. However, be sure to keep this toxic substance from kids and pets. Spray only along cracks, woodwork, or behind sinks where you know it won't result in accidental exposure to anyone or anything - but roaches.

Roach spray : Find an insect formula especially prepared for roaches and, again, keep it away from children and pets by using it only in places they can't get to. Use roach spray in air vents, behind sinks and counters, or anywhere you think roaches might be entering the house. Roach spray chemicals can be smelly and powerful, so use caution when spraying and read safety directions carefully.

Roach bait : Buy several of the popular "roach motels" and distribute around baseboards, near water pipes, under sinks or bathtubs, or anywhere where you know roaches will want to "check in". Roach bait works by luring roaches to specially-prepared lethal food that they supposedly can't resist, but their effectiveness is debatable. Some people swear by them while others find them less than effective. It is the least "messy" solution to a roach infestation, however, so it's definitely worth a try.

2, Homemade solutions for getting rid of roaches

A jar of water : roaches love water, so if you can lure them to their favorite element inside a tall mason jar they will find that they can't climb out. You can also smear a little vaseline around the inside walls of the jar to ensure their entrapment.

Soap and water : fill a spray bottle with water and a little liquid soap to use as "stun gun". This works mainly for the reason that roaches breath through their skin, and the soap effectively plugs air pores from receiving oxygen. Be sure to spray the entire body of the roach to get almost instant suffocation - although even a partial hit will slow them down, allowing you an opportunity to thwack 'em.

3. How to prevent roaches from returning to your house or apartment

Keep bathrooms clean, don't leave crumbs on kitchen tables or counters, degrease the stove top regularly, and return packaged foods to cabinets right away. For maximum protection, store opened bags of chips or other foods in large sealable storage bags.

We already know roaches love water, so fix any leaky faucets and always properly ventilate the bathroom after bathing or showering.

Remove trash regularly, seal it up tightly, and store it somewhere away from the house until pickup day. Since roaches also love to lay their eggs in paper, avoid cluttering the house with books, newspapers and magazines. Take away roach's favorite breeding grounds by keeping paper recyclables away from the house as well.

Repair wall cracks with plaster or compound, or use caulk to seal up window mouldings, pipe openings, or anywhere roaches can gain entry.

Materials List :

boric acid, roach spray, roach bait, mason jars, liquid soap, spray bottles, resealable storage bags, plaster or caulking for sealing wall cracks and openings.

Submitted By :

Ray Henney


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