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How To Cut Your Own Hair in Layers


Instructions :

layered cut

This is one of the best techniques for anyone who wants a fast, easy do-it-yourself layer cut without having to spend a fortune at the salon. Just follow these easy, step-by-step instructions:

1. Shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Don't use a towel but just squeeze dry to leave hair moist.

2. Comb your hair straight down and remove all tangles.

3. Gather your hair at the top and center of your head to create a ponytail, and secure with a rubberband.

4. Grasp the ponytail by the last inch of hair and hold the entire ponytail taut as you do so. Now, take the scissor and cut straight across.

5. To help frame your face (see photo) and to avoid a less choppy look, gather your hair into a ponytail at a forward angle (toward the front of your face, not straight up) before making the cut.

6. Remove the rubberband, and voila! You have your own home styled layered cut.

Helpful Hints :

Hold the ponytail as taut as possible to create a more even cut.

Cut only a 1/4 - 1/2 inch off if you're unsure about how short you want your hair to be. You can always cut it shorter if you like, but you can't uncut!

The best cuts start with the best tools, so invest in good quality scissors to cut and style your hair. Especially for those with thick hair, a good scissor will not only make the job easier, but it will result in a cleaner more precise cut.

If you're doing this on your own for the first time, enlist a friend to help hold your long hair taut as you cut.

Materials List :

shampoo, conditioner, comb, rubberband, scissors

Submitted By :

Susan French


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