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How To Write a Resignation Letter


Instructions :

i quit

Tips on how to resign & write a resignation letter that will help ensure a good reference ...

There are many ways to resign from your job (not all of them good) including singing a ringing chorus from "Take This Job and Shove It" as you walk out the door.

If you're smart, however, you'll follow the wise counsel many employment experts give when they talk about the topic of resignation.

That is, don't burn your bridges. You never know when you may need a reference from a former employer. When giving notice the best advice is to go out the way you came in - on good terms.

Here's how to do it professionally with a resignation letter that will always keep you in good standing with former and future employers:

1. If you're quitting your job spur of the moment, remember that your employer may ask you to leave immediately even if you give the traditional two-week notice. Be prepared.

Before you write your resignation letter, quietly research your present company's policy regarding pay for unused vacation or sick days, extended health benefits, or help with rolling over a pension or 401k plan.

Several days before you hand in your resignation letter, also do a final cleanup of your desk and company computer.

Delete any personal files and photos, and pay special attention to your inbox and 'sent' folder to remove any potentially embarassing email messages.

Finally, take a moment to copy and retain any email addresses of friends and colleagues you wish to remain in contact with after you leave.

2. Now that your ready to write your resignation letter, begin with a positive state of mind. No matter how browbeating your boss or nasty your coworkers, keep it classy.

State the day you will be leaving. Allow enough time (at least two weeks) for your employer to hire and train a replacement. If so inclined, offer assistance with the transition.

Express gratitude for the experience and remember the end game is to maintain a good relationship with your employer for future reference. End your resignation letter on a high note. Here's a sample

Dear [Boss, Manager or Supervisor NAME],

I am tendering my resignation from [company NAME] and wish to advise you that June 30, 2010 will be my last day of employment.

I will always be grateful for the valuable experience that I gained while working at [company NAME] and will be happy to assist with the transition in any way I can.

If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks again for everything.


3. After handing in your resignation letter, keep a low profile and help maintain morale by not badmouthing the company or bragging about your new opportunity with coworkers.

4. On your last day of employment, express gratitude and extend an invitation to stay in touch by emailing colleagues to say goodbye in the same spirit as the resignation letter.

Helpful Hints :

Always present a hard copy of your resignation letter to your boss or manager. Save email for broadcasting your final farewell to friends and colleagues.

To prevent accidental disclosure about your true feelings about a former boss or job position, always maintain a professional demeanor regarding your resignation when posting to Facebook, MySpace or other social networking sites.

Materials List :

computer, word processing program, paper, printer, email account.

Submitted By :

Nancy Cramer


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