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How To Write a Love Poem


Instructions :

love poem

You can buy a store-bought greeting card that might come close to what you want to express, but there's nothing like creating personal sentiments that say 'I love you' in your own words.

Here's how:

1. Begin by simply writing a love letter. Start by jotting down all the special thoughts and feelings you have about him or her.

This may include the way they laugh or smile, their special thoughtfulness or other personal qualities that you admire about them.

Also think about romantic moments like how it feels to be in their arms or simply holding hands. Don't forget magic memories of your first date, or the first tender kiss that sent you reeling!

2. Once you have all your thoughts on paper, begin by focusing on the most meaningful words or phrases.

For example: "I never told you this before, but the only time I really feel alive and happy is when we're together. I can relax and let go. When you hold me I can breathe again."

Now edit your sentiments down to all but the most meaningful words and a love poem emerges:

As if waiting to breathe,
In your tender kiss
My life begins

3. Words with more than one or two syllables tend to drag on the cadence you want to create, so keep your words simple and direct. This works especially well with rhyme, rhythm and repetition - additional tools the poet uses when creating a memorable love poem.

Read and reread some famous love poems by Shakespeare, Shelley, and Byron to see how rhyming words and rhythm are used most effectively. If you're stuck, search online for rhyming dictionaries that can help in a pinch. Remember that many famous and powerful poets didn't feel the need to rhyme, and their love poems are just as beautiful.

4. Another tried-and-true technique in poetry is the use of imagery. A classic example is Shakespeare's famous "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day".

Remember not to be too flowery, but if you want to express the transforming power of love for example, try painting a picture with words:

Like green grass through winter snow
Your love pierced through the heart of me

Be creative. Nature is always good for evoking imaginary in love poems, but rocket ships, buildings, animals, or even items of clothing can work just as well.

5. When you have edited and polished your special love poem, here are a few ideas on a memorable presentation:

- Write it out on quality paper using your best hand and present it in a frame.

- Create a small scrapbook with lines from your poem surrounded by memorable photos or keepsakes.

- If you're crafty, place the words on a piece of construction paper surrounded by a collage that colorfully illustrates your heartfelt love poem.

Helpful Hints :

Take your time to get your love poem just right. It doesn't have to be perfect, as long as the words come from your heart and each word rings true.

Materials List :

pen, paper, library or Internet access, crafts materials for presentation (optional).

Submitted By :

Bridget Pinot


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