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How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks


Instructions :

stretch marks in late stages of pregnancyLight scarring as evidence of your skin being overstretched is usually seen around the stomach area, breasts, hips, legs or upper arms. Stretch marks can occur after a pregnancy, crash diet, or even an extreme exercise regimen.

Of course, it is easier to prevent stretch marks before they happen - by keeping your skin as moisturized and elastic as possible.

However, there are ways that are reported to speed up healing after they occur. This includes natural homemade remedies, over the counter stretch mark creams, as well as professional cosmetic surgery techniques.

NOTE: The best way to erase stretch marks is when they are new. Don't wait for several weeks after they first appear or scarring may become permanent!

Here are some of the best suggested ways to help get rid of stretch marks:

1. Stretch mark lotions - Creams and lotions available over the counter can help heal or reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time. Read the label and you'll find most of these remedies include ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, and aloe.

2. Vitamin E - Applied to cuts, scrapes and scars, Vitamin E helps promote healing and moisturizes the skin. Apply daily for several weeks until you see stretch marks beginning to fade.

3. Vitamin A - As with Vitamin E, this basic nutrient when applied to stretch marks also helps fade stretch marks when applied daily. A commercially derived lotion, Retin-A, is also available by prescription.

4. Massage - Simply rubbing or massaging stretch marks as soon as they appear helps increase blood circulation to the area, which promotes healing.

5. Cosmetic surgery techniques - Dermatologists can help with more advanced techniques depending on the severity of stretch marks and where they appear on the body. Tummy tucks, microdermabrasion, or even laser therapy have been used to completely erase or otherwise decrease the appearance of stretch marks appearing on the stomach, legs or arms.

Helpful Hints :

Help speed healing throughout the process by staying properly hydrated throughout the day. Maintaining proper health and diet or taking a multivitamin supplement will also help the skin to stay strong and vibrant.

Materials List :

stretch mark creams and lotions, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, Vitamin A, multivitamin, water for proper hydration

Submitted By :

Sherry Goldman


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