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Issues that are faced by divorcing couples with children include first and foremost - Who gets custody? Followed immediately by: Where and how often will visitation rights be granted?

How much child support can be expected? What recourse does the custodial parent have if promised support is withheld?

Regarding custody, family courts will almost universally settle a case based on the answer to the bottom-line legal question: What is in the best interests of the child?

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Although traditionally the mother has been awarded custody, today it is no longer unusual to see full joint custody arrangements, or the father successfully bidding for full custodial care following a divorce.

International custody laws are different in each country, while in the U.S. laws governing custody, support & visitation vary from state to state with federal law overlapping in some areas.

Around the Web, find out where to get complete information on child custody and family law in all 50 U.S. states, along with advice on the legal responsibilities of child support (or how to get help if it is denied), with additional tips on negotiating child visitation, and reducing the emotional trauma on children during a difficult divorce proceeding ...

More about child custody around the Web:

Divorce Source: Children & Divorce
- A library of informational articles on the effects of divorce on children, custody issues & child support, visitation rights, with related online forums.

DivorceNet - Custody & Visitation - Extensive information & resources on the topic featuring specific laws & jurisdictions in all 50 U.S. states, with related online forum.

FindLaw - Divorce & Children - Feature articles on easing the strain on children, tips for dads after divorce, custody decisions, visitation rights, child support obligations & unpaid child support issues and enforcement.

Support - Resources and Links for Laypersons - Portal to a host of online resources related to divorce, child custody, help for fathers with child support payments, federal law and international child support information.

Family Law - Wikipedia - The online encyclopedia offering extensive overviews and related references and resources to more information on divorce, alimony, child custody, support and visitation.

Child Support, Child Custody and Child Visitation Information Center - A good collection of related resources pertaining to child custody criteria, child support and college education, alimony and spousal support. - Custody Info - Helpful FAQ covering issues such as general custody rules, and possible penalties for taking kids out of state.

Dad's Divorce - Information for fathers of divorce with advice on emotional issues, finances, child custody & visitation with legal advice, online discussion forums.

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