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Bought a lemon? Victim of an Internet scam?

Buyer beware.

Find out how to take action, file a complaint and get satisfaction after the fact — with expert guides to buyer protection, along with current updates on specific laws written to protect consumers.

Around the Web, get to know your rights at top sites that focus on issues affecting everybody from travelers, credit card users, and new car owners, to victims of identity theft, Internet scams and more ....

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More about consumer protection law around the Web:

NOLO - Consumer Protection - Extensive guide to an array of U.S. consumer laws and protections, including FAQ's and information on dealing with small claims courts, construction contractors, consumer purchases, car buying and leasing, lemon laws, auction scams, and other online issues, privacy rights and ID theft, with related tools and resources.

Consumer Rights & Protection Topic Area - A virtual encyclopedia of U.S. consumer rights protection including facts and how to's on handling consumer fraud, real estate scams, credit billing errors, and more with a general, helpful overview at Righting a Consumer Wrong, courtesy of The 'Lectric Law Library.

Lemon Law America - Get rid of that lemon of a car, motorcycle or boat with help from lemon law legislation information from all 50 U.S. states via a clickable map, plus related tips and resources.

FDIC : Consumer Protection - A top resource for facts and information on banking and fair lending laws, related consumer news, consumer alerts, Internet scams, identify theft and a guide to protecting your financial privacy, how to file a banking complaint, and more.

The Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights - The online U.S. watchdog with an eye to corporate accountability, government inaction and consumer complaints regarding healthcare costs, insurance rates, taxes and more, including news, features and opinion, Submit a Complaint Form, suggested reading, related links.


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