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No one likes to see a relationship end. In the perfect world no marriage would end in divorce ... but in the real world there are situations when there are just not any other alternatives.

For some couples, after they have tried everything to make a marriage work without success, the only answer is divorce.

Sometimes, the stark reality of visiting a divorce lawyer provides the wake up call that a couple needs to stop dodging the problems in the relationship and begin serious work to bring the marriage back. In some cases the damage is so bad that divorce is the only rational choice.

It may surprise you to find out that many lawyers who specialize in divorce also work with couples to explore less traumatic alternatives. Discussing trial separation and marriage counseling may open up solutions that can help a troubled marriage heal.

If you are in a bad relationship it may be time for you to get the facts, learn about the possible pitfalls, and equip yourself with all the necessary legal requirements. Check with our online guide to legal separation, divorce law, child custody and support, visitation rights, alimony, and property division to learn what to consider if you're contemplating divorce.

In addition to legal resources, there's emotional support and free advice to be found all around the Net in online chats & forums, cyber support groups with related links to organizations offering post-divorce tips and advice on how to begin life again as a single...

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Divorce Aid - Guide to UK Divorce Law - The place to get step-by-step emotional, financial and legal support, advice and information, plus check out an excellent kids and divorce resource page, with links to related agencies, solicitors and organizations.

The information provided on these pages is intended as reference
only and does not constitute professional legal advice.


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