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seniorUnlike juvenile law, with its own courts and age-specific laws, elder law is not a legal area that is sharply divided from the rest of the law.

Rather, elder law is simply a term which encompasses all the various kinds of law that place emphasis on overseeing senior health care, as well as advance directives or living wills that protect the legal rights of senior citizens, especially when they are ill or incapacitated.

Broadly, there are three different categories of elder law. The first and probably most obvious is medical care for the elderly. Medicaid in the United States, for example, is government sponsored medical care for an increasingly aging population which was enacted in 1965, the same year that the Older Americans Act was passed.

Estate planning is another broad category of elder law. Estate laws have been enacted to minimize taxes and reduce common problems with regards to the dispensation of an estate, but can also cover things such as power of attorney, which can be very important for elderly people who depend on others to make important decisions for them. The important legal document with regards to estate law is the will. Without a legal will, the legal proceedings following the death of a loved one can be especially difficult.

Related to estate law, the third broad category of elder law is guardianship law. In much the same way parents are guardians of their children, the elderly may also need guardians to choose a nursing facility or home care if they are disabled or are otherwise incapable of taking care of themselves.

In general, elder laws are in place to make the best of what is often a painful and difficult situation for most families. They help to minimize suffering, and guide us through some of the most emotionally difficult times that many of us will face throughout our lives.

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