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Eviction noticeLaws protecting both landlords and tenants may vary from country to country, by U.S. state, or by city, town or village.

What hardly ever varies is the emotion the subject raises on both sides of the fence in many communities around the world.

In some cases, eviction may be as simple as the landlord choosing not to renew a lease after its expiration date. More commonly, nonpayment of rent or property damage remain the most typical causes for sudden evictions.

Before any action can be taken, landlords in many jurisdictions are bound by a strict set of rules. Typically, just cause must be evident, followed by a lawsuit in a local court and an official notice of a number of days or weeks given to the tenant before eviction.

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However, some landlords may try to force out tenants in less than legal, more understated ways - such as turning off utilities, denying access by changing the door locks, or going so far as to remove doors and windows in a rental unit.

If this happens, tenants usually have recourse in a countersuit, whereby the tenant may win monetary damages, court costs and attorney fees.

In large urban areas, such as in New York or California, tenant unions exist to protect the rights of tenants. Some communities may be so strongly pro-tenant that anecdotal evidence points to an unwritten law whereby landlords - to avoid all the court costs - will simply pay a troublesome tenant a hefty sum to vacate.

Elsewhere on the Web, find out more about the topic in online forums and at sites offering links to eviction laws in the U.S. and worldwide, plus FAQs and related information with further details on landlord/tenant rights, lease agreements and court procedures by area ...

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