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Picture of the Statue of Liberty
Miss Liberty, a symbol of
hope to US immigrants
since the 19th century.


Why do so many people immigrate to the US?

It may be as simple as joining other family members who are already US citizens, or a journey toward a better life with increased economic opportunities. It may also be as stark as escaping from religious or political persecution.

While coming to America is still the dream for many, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services often operate under a confusing net of strict regulations. Anyone who plans to move to the United States to live and work must navigate this maze.

The laws governing work visas and green card applications vary depending on where you currently hold citizenship. After living in the US for several years, green card holders may take the next step toward applying for US citizenship, posing its own set of applications and required documentation.

Requirements of citizenship

green card
The green card (front and back)
was redesigned in 2010 with
holographs and embedded
data for increased security.

No matter what your country of origin, the basic qualification for any applicant for US citizenship is proof that they are "of good moral character" — a requirement that encompasses such issues as timely payment of taxes, a clean criminal record and, above all — truthful responses to questions asked on the application form.

Unfortunately, a single innocent mistake may raise a "red flag" with immigration officials that may result in a frustrating delay of months or even years before applying for US citizenship with success.

Seeking help

Many people who plan a permanent move to the USA get through the paperwork without professional assistance. However, lawyers who specialize in immigration law can offer help with required ID's, photos, and other documents, and assist with any required paperwork to smooth the way to citizenship.

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Immigration and Naturalization Service - The official US government site provides immigration forms, the laws and regulations, a guide to obtaining a green card or naturalization and much more to help get the process started and completed successfully.

Diversity Immigrant Visa Program - the Green Card Lottery - Forms, information, fact sheets, and related resources for this program offering 50,000 permanent resident visas from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) - Immigration Facts - An immigration primer for beginners, related statistics and poll data, and information on various immigrant group's origins throughout the past century.

The information provided on these pages is intended as reference
only and does not constitute professional legal advice.


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