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broken armWhat is a personal injury?

As it is usually understood when discussing legal topics, personal injury is an umbrella term encompassing anything from personal slights caused by defamation, physical injuries caused by a faulty product, or accidents at a place of business or residence covered by premises liability law.

Life-threatening medical malpractice can also fall under this heading.

In worst case scenarios, if someone is injured or dies because someone else was negligent, no amount of money can change the fact.

However, for a person who may have been hurt (or a family who has suffered as a resut of its main breadwinner being unable to work), personal injury suits can provide compensation. The award is designed to help cover medical costs, the loss of income, and otherwise speed the injured party and their family on the road to recovering.

Medical personal injury

Birth defects, disability, and even death can occur even with the best medical care. But sometimes a disease or condition may be missed until it is too advanced to treat successfully. At other times, a patient may be misdiagnosed or improperly treated. In these cases, the professionals who were responsible should be held accountable for their actions under the law.

In short, while no one else can suffer the pain that results from a preventable accident or medical malpractice, the negligent parties should bear some of the financial burden that they helped to create.

Around the Web, learn more about what legal steps and protections you're entitled to if you or a loved one has been a victim of personal injury, including guides to bringing your case to court, and information on personal injury laws and insurance ...

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