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Social Security COLA increases by year.

year increase individual couple
2000 2.5% 513 769
2001 3.5% 531 796
2002 2.6% 545 817
2003 1.4% 552 829
2004 2.1% 564 846
2005 2.7% 579 869
2006 4.1% 603 904
2007 3.3% 623 934
2008 2.3% 637 956
2009 5.8% 674 1,011
2010   674 1,011
2011   674 1,011
2012 3.6% 698 1,048
2013 1.7% 710 1,066
2014 1.5% 721 1,082
2015 1.7% 733 1,100

One of the most contentious government programs, US Social Security has been used as a political football by both Democrats and Republicans in recent years, with each party pulling in opposite directions on its future.

While Democrats generally hold to the belief to keep Social Security benefits a government-run program, Republicans have pushed for private retirement funds, invested in by individuals with their own funds in the public banking and investment markets.

Adding to the anxiety for everyday Americans, are real concerns over Social Security underfunding or mismanagement resulting in a possible shortfall of payments once they reach retirement age.

Social Security increases

In 2009, retirees or other qualified individuals looked forward to a major boost marked by a 5.8% increase in their Social Security benefits. However, in 2010 and 2011 there was no COLA (cost of living increase.)

Payees once again looked forward to an increase in 2012, based on the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) from the third quarter of 2008 through the third quarter of 2011. As a result, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries received a 3.6 percent COLA for 2012. 

In 2015 a 1.7% increase takes effect in January resulting in about $19 more a month for those receiving the average benefit of $1, 272.

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Around the Web, learn more about the proper steps to take, how to file for Social Security, which forms to complete and more - with links to official government sites and resources to legal assistance specializing in both elder law and the rights entitled to seniors, the disabled, and their families...

Social Security Handbook
- The U.S. government's complete guide browseable online or downloadable in a ZIP file, and covering the gamut from filing a claim, survivor benefits, and health insurance to underpayments and overpayments, special veterans benefits, and more.

Social Security Online - Representing Claimants - Rules and regulations governing your right to have an attorney represent you in claiming benefits and featuring a FAQ, information on fee inquiries, fee authorization processes, and links to related forms.

Social Security Forms - Check out the complete list of downloadable Benefit Claims Supporting Forms with related guides and instructions in PDF format.

How to File an Unfair Treatment Complaint - What to do if your Social Security disability benefit has been denied, along with where to write and what else to do from the official SS government site.

NOSSCR Online - Official site of The National Organization of Social Security Claimant's Representatives offers information and guides to taxes and social security, disability benefits FAQ, a toll-free contact number for lawyer referrals, and a comprehensive list of related resources

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