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The present U.S. veterans population is estimated at almost 27 million.

Altogether, almost one-third of the nation's population, or approximately 70 million veterans, dependents, and survivors of deceased veterans, are potentially eligible for VA benefits and services.

Like most government agencies, the US Veteran's Administration is notoriously difficult to navigate for many veterans looking for help with medical or rehabilitative services, continuing education, or otherwise transitioning back into civilian life.

Fortunately, there is help for discovering the in's and out's of the system from veterans of the 'VA wars' who have successfully triumphed over the labyrinth of rules and regulations.

Around the Web, find out more about veterans benefits with online resources focusing especially on help for the disabled vet ....

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More information about veterans disability around the Web:

Department of Veteran Affairs Home Page - The official site with information on health, burial, life insurance, vocational rehabilitation, and education benefits, with related online applications and additional info on special programs for homeless, minority and women veterans.

Disabled American Veterans - Get help with filing claims and find more information on the DAV's service programs offering transition assistance, certification training, disaster relief and more.

Vietnam Veterans of America - Find your local chapter, learn more about membership and locate information on benefits, claims and appeals for post-traumatic distress disorder.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America - Enroll for free membership to receive help with navigating the VA, with related resources, member forum, and member success stories. - Had it with getting the run around? Join the online community for help with filing a claim for service connected disability compensation, with helpful story articles, busy forum, related resources.

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