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Workers compensation payments in the U.S. are usually covered by insurance plans paid for by employers.

The employer pays insurance on a regular basis, or has the payments deducted from the workers paycheck. The insurance company agrees to cover any injuries sustained by employees on the job.

The purchase of workers compensation insurance is typically required by law for any company with five employees or more.

If your company has four or fewer employees, you need to obtain an exemption and inform your employees that they are not covered by workman's comp... or your business will be responsible for covering the payments.

If an employee is injured on the job, the workers compensation program pays out benefits until they can return to work. These payments normally include the cost of medical bills as well as lost wages.

While payment are often considered fair by all, doubts may arise about whether an employee was truthfully injured on the job — or suffered the injury while at home... or on the softball field. At other times, employers may dispute the seriousness of a disability that prevents an injured employee from returning to work.

If the employer contests the injury or disability, then the employee can usually request that a hearing be scheduled to present the facts and solve the dispute. In many states, the law allows for decisions unfavorable to either party to be appealed.

Consulting with a lawyer who specializes in workers compensation is a good idea if an employee contests a ruling, and especially if an employer chooses to stop payments, or simply ignores the law by not making any payments at all.

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