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Small Business Owners - 7 Habits of Success

profits are upIt makes sense that small business owners are invested in the success of their company, but do you ever wonder how much of yourself you need to invest to get your business off the ground?

You're finally enjoying the benefits of making your own schedule and you're not answering to any boss... except yourself. Unlike the stressed out nine to five routine that you live when you work for someone else, taking care of your own business can often become as much a part of your day as breathing.

That is what leads many entrepreneurs to spend every waking minute in their business office. Approaching burn out, many of the self employed begin to wonder how the dream of working for yourself turned into a nightmare.

Do you find it difficult to take time out for you? Are you constantly working in a mess? Then you need to take a step back and learn the habits that happy, successful small business owners know. There is a better way to run your business that will let you take time away from work so you can enjoy the choices you've made and still watch your business succeed.

Don't be a control freak

Too many business owners work too long and too hard. They tend to be involved in every aspect of their business from being the bookkeeper, marketer, human resources manager, mediator, customer liaison officer and cleaner.

The smaller the business, the more difficult it is for the owner to delegate these functions because they feel that there is no room in the budget to hire anyone else. What they fail to realize is that if they invest their money wisely in the goods and services to grow their business, they will be more effective and see positive changes occur over time.

Letting go of control over every aspect of a growing business is a big step, but one that is necessary if you are going to run the business instead of it running you. It takes time to build a good 'business mindset', but stepping out into the role of manager means that you can spend time focused on where you are going... and time away from your business without giving up your peace of mind.

Successful habits mean profitable businesses

People who grow the most successful businesses have several common behaviors. These seven habits are the basis of turning your business dreams into reality. See if they describe you...

  • Highly successful small business owners are great role models. Instead of trying to do everything themselves, they practice what they preach. They lead from the front.

  • Highly successful small business owners invest both time and money in their team and themselves. They improve the people they work with, and themselves, through personal and professional development. They utilize outside expertise. Successful small business owners recognize they do not have all the answers, but they know where to look to get the advice and skills the business needs.

  • Highly successful small business owners are organized. They know how to manage their time and have systems in place which enables them and their team to work effectively.

  • Highly successful small business owners are fit and healthy. They understand that a healthy mind and body improves their productivity and general well-being. They realize that by keeping themselves fit and healthy it enables them to cope with the pressures of running a business.

  • Highly successful small business owners have a life. They make their personal life a priority because they know it makes them a happier and more successful person... and taking breaks from work brings a fresh perspective to their business which improves their bottom line.

  • Highly successful small business owners look after their clients. They know that clients are the lifeblood of their business. Without clients there would be no business. They ensure they continually look after them.

  • Highly successful small business owners are decisive. They know they have the responsibility for leading the team. They are not afraid to make decisions and take action. They have to if they want to their business to thrive.

At the end of the day

Highly successful small business owners get their priorities about people, work and home right!

They live longer and enjoy life more. They enjoy the challenges of being an entrepreneur. They go home at the end of each day knowing that they have achieved. They are fulfilled and realize that the success of their business is a direct reflection on themselves.

So what are you waiting for?

If you're dissatisfied with where you are now, then what are you going to do differently? Take stock of what you want and the steps you need to get where you want to be. Do you need to make changes to improve your business so that you are able to enjoy the benefits of being the master of your own destiny? Or are you happy with the way you are currently traveling?

Next summer, will you be sitting on the beach satisfied with your efforts or will you be putting in the same long hours wondering what you are doing wrong? Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.

Implement the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Business Owners on an on-going basis and you too will have a highly successful business and a highly successful life!

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Lorraine Pirihi

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