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Entrepreneurs Who Run Net More Sales
Dig Out Your Running Shoes To Improve the Bottom Line

joggerLacing up the running shoes is a powerful asset for small business owners, says a new study from Ball State University.

A survey of 336 entrepreneurs found those who regularly run reported better personal satisfaction, independence and autonomy than their non-running or weight-training counterparts.

The study also found that companies managed by runners report better sales results than firms directed by non-runners.

“Attaining excellent physical condition requires developing a mindset that accepts and embraces hard work,” said Mike Goldsby, a Ball State entrepreneurship professor who regularly competes in marathons and triathlons. “If small business owners were willing and able to grant their physical health the same respect as they do their financial and professional well-being, most would be in incredible physical condition.

“We chose running and weight training to examine because those athletes tend to exercise almost daily,” Goldsby said.

“Conversely, good physical condition should contribute to entrepreneur's success in reaching their personal and financial goals as well,” he said. “Maintaining a fitness regimen is helpful for attaining goals and sustaining entrepreneurship.”

Goldsby conducted the study with fellow Ball State entrepreneurship professor Donald F. Kuratko. Their research examines the relationship between the exercise regimens of 366 small business owners and the company's sales and the entrepreneur's personal goals

The study examined the influence that running and weight training have on sales volume as well as external and internal goals. External rewards include personal wealth and family security while internal rewards include recognition, challenge, excitement, growth, accomplishment, and independence and autonomy.

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The results indicate that running is positively related to all three outcome variables while weight training is positively related to external and internal rewards but not sales.

“We chose running and weight training to examine because those athletes tend to exercise almost daily,” Goldsby said. “They tend to make it an integral part of their lifestyle.

“Entrepreneurs dedicated to exercise programs are very goal-oriented,” he said. “The study found that running and weight training help entrepreneurs to be more effective in their jobs. However, entrepreneurs who only weight train should add running to their workouts to increase their effectiveness.”

Source... Ball State University


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