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The Straight Poop on Diaper Bags

diaper bagHaving a baby means making many big decisions, from what to name your bundle of joy and the breast or bottle debate, to how long Mom will stay home from work with baby.

Choosing a diaper bag can seem like the least of your worries.

But rushing this important decision – or letting a well-meaning gift-giver make it for you – may mean you spend more money down the road to replace a bag that's not meeting your needs.

"You're going to carry your diaper bag around almost as much as you carry your baby," says Peter Fougerousse, a father of three who is also a principal of Rosenberry Rooms,, an online retailer that specializes in furniture and accessories for children and infants. "You'll be carrying it literally for years, so you want something durable and functional, yet also pleasing to your personal sense of style."

Fougerousse offers the following tips to help you choose just the right diaper bag – the first time:

"Your diaper bag will take a beating, so choose one that's made to last..."
  • Consider how you will use your diaper bag, for how long and for how many babies. Will this purchase be your all-around bag, the one you carry on long trips? Or will it just tide you over on short trips? Will you be using this bag for one baby? For a newborn and a toddler? "Twins will require a much roomier bag than you would need for one baby," Fougerousse says.

  • One of the big decisions – and possibly compromises – you will have to make is the material for your diaper bag. You will have to find a happy middle ground between fashion and practicality. Fortunately, modern diaper bags come in many styles that blend fashion and function.

  • What style – messenger, backpack, tote, etc. – handbag do you currently carry? When choosing your diaper bag, stick with what you know and like. If you prefer tote style bags with long straps, look for a similar diaper bag. "Buying a diaper bag should not be the time to test a new style," Fougerousse says.

  • Dad should get into the act too. After all, he'll probably use the bag, or at least carry it for you on family outings. Because it's important Dad feels as comfortable with the diaper bag as Mom is, consider getting him his own diaper bag. That way, you can both pack according to your individual parenting styles, and not have to meet in the middle with a common bag.

  • Don't compromise! With the huge range of diaper bags on the market today, you never have to settle for "good enough." The perfect bag is out there for you. Be patient and you will find it.

  • Finally, keep in mind that price does tend to reflect quality. Your diaper bag will take a beating, so choose one that's made to last.

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