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moving van and boxesThinking about moving? That's EXCITING.

OK, sure, it's the third most stress-inducing change you'll experience. But the more you know about moving .... the more of an adventure it becomes!

Take a deep breath and follow along with our step-by-step guide to moving:

First, plan ahead to find out about the area you'll be living in.

• What does it cost to live there compared to the cost of living in your area?
• What are the schools, churches, cultural events and other area institutions like?
• Will you be able to enjoy the same activities you enjoyed at home?
• Is the weather the same?
• What about the crime rate?

moving vanThere are so many things you need to know before deciding on where to move – and that's just step one!

Once you've committed to the move you'll need to find a place to live and, if you're not renting, you have to sell your current residence. If you're lucky, you'll find two realtors who will work with you to make sure that the new home will be ready just as the old one is sold.

And, if you think home buying and moving is stressful, just add kids to the mix! When moving with kids, young families will especially want to investigate local education. How does it stack up against other school systems in the area? What is the sense of community like, and who will be your neighbors?

For taking Fido or Kitty along, there are loads of helpful tips for moving with pets that will ensure a happy and healthy move.

Moving to a foreign country? That includes a whole other set of challenges, including finding English-speaking expat communities who can help you over the initial bumps (and reams of paperwork!)

Then comes the move itself. Packing up all of your STUFF and trusting strangers to deliver it in good condition.

Having heard a lot of relocation horror stories, you'll also want to have moving insurance in case the movers damage or lose anything of value. No wonder there is stress involved, but there is also lots of helpful advice to be found around the Web.

Up ahead, check out top sites offering tips, suggestions and how to's for those about to make the big move, along with individual guides to moving to all 50 U.S. states plus features articles on the finer points of moving & relocating ...

Moving & Relocating by US State:

Moving to AL Moving to IL Moving to MT Moving to RI
Moving to AK Moving to,IN Moving to NE Moving to SC
Moving to AZ Moving to IA Moving to NV Moving to SD
Moving to AR Moving to KA Moving to NH Moving to TN
Moving to CA Moving to KY Moving to NJ Moving to TX
Moving to CO Moving to LA Moving to NM Moving to UT
Moving to CT Moving to ME Moving to NY Moving to VT
Moving to DC Moving to MD Moving to NC Moving to VA
Moving to DE Moving to MA Moving to ND Moving to WA
Moving to FL Moving to MI Moving to OK Moving to WV
Moving to GA Moving to MN Moving to OH Moving to WI
Moving to HI Moving to MS Moving to OR Moving to WY
Moving to ID Moving to MO Moving to PA



Moving Tips & Advice ... Online

Moving tips
Time was when you had to schlep to the post office, make dozens of phone calls and coordinate everything yourself. Today, you can get expert tips and visitor reviews, take advantage of interactive tools & calculators, and get help with practically everything else you need right online ...

3 Important Moving Insurance Tips

Moving insurance tips
Although moving companies are required to take out insurance on the goods they move, consumers might want to take out added coverage to ensure proper reimbursement if anything is lost, broken or stolen en route ...

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Top moving & relocating resources around the Web:


Sperling's Best Places- Mega U.S. resource with city comparisons for some 3,000 locations including related school info, crime rates and statistics, climate and weather info, salary and cost of living calculators. - A helpful resource with real-time mortgage rates, change of address service, cost of living analysis and home-buying calculators, mover quotes, personal move organizer, and information on where to get discount moving coupons online.

Relocate America - Comprehensive and easily navigable site offering tons of info on real estate services and guides for cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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