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grand canyon, az
Grand Canyon National Park

Best known for its views of the Grand Canyon, its "painted" desert landscape and colorful sunsets, Arizona is one of the Four Corner states in the U.S. southwest bordering New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Southern California.

Only a small percentage of Arizona's 118,000 square miles is privately owned. The majority of land falls under government jurisdiction as either national forests, parks, or Indian reservations.

The last of the lower 48 states to be admitted to the Union, Arizona officially became a state on February 14, 1912. Today, the state government is Arizona's largest employer, while Wal-Mart is the largest private employer with tens of thousands of workers statewide.

The hi-tech sector accounts for the rest of the primary employment scene in Arizona led by software and computers, electronics components, and telecommunications. Other strong job markets within Arizona include education and health services.

Meanwhile, a booming multi-million dollar tourism and hotel industry is under threat by a backlash of sentiment against the state government's passage of Arizona SB 1070, promoting what is perceived to be draconian laws governing illegal immigrants.

Quality-of-life statistics for Arizona

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Moving to Arizona

Fast Facts

Find a job:Arizona

Get a driver's license: Obtain an Arizona Driver License FAQ

Start a business: - Starting a Business

Retire to Arizona: 5 Best Places to Retire in Arizona

Arizona demographics : (Arizona Census Data)
Major cities: Phoenix (capital), Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Sun City
Population : 6,166,318
White : 87.4%
American Indian: 5.1%
Black, African American : 3.6%
Hispanic : 28.5%
High school graduates : 81.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher : 23.5%

Arizona cost of living: While Arizona sales taxes are on a par with Eastern states, property taxes throughout Arizona are much lower, dropping further traveling away from Phoenix and other larger cities.

The one surprise for many Americans relocating to Arizona is the imposition of the "car tax" which unlike many states, is not a set amount, but 1.5% of the car's worth and possibly totaling several hundred dollars made payable upon registration.

Arizona housing & real estate:
Home ownership rate : 68.0%
Average home price: $233,782
Average travel time to work : 25 minutes
also see Zillow - Arizona Real Estate

Arizona Personal Income Taxes: Arizona levies personal income tax in 5 brackets ranging from 3 percent to 5 percent depending on income and filing status. Residents must complete returns on Form 140 by April 15.

Arizona schools : Compared to the national average, recent data shows Arizona ranking 40th in the nation in math and reading scores. Arizona also under-performs in education spending per capita than many other states. As is the case in other parts of the country, better schools are usually found in and around larger cities, although that may vary even by neighborhood. For more information on school rankings also see: AZ Report Card

Arizona weather : Ranging from hot desert to cold mountains, Arizona usually holds national record for extremes in hot and cold temperatures throughout the year. The hottest temperature in Arizona was 128 degrees recorded in Lake Havasu City in 1994. The lowest recorded temperature was -40 at Hawley Lake in 1971.

Arizona crime statistics : see Arizona Crime Rates


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