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2016 Olympic archery fast facts

 Sambódromo, Rio de Janeiro

: August 6 – August 12, 2016

Gold medals in contention
: 4

Athletes in competition
: 128

Archery developed as a sport during the Middle Ages when tournaments were held to encourage the military art of good marksmanship.

While romantics may still dream of Robin Hood, William Tell and even Native Americans with bows and arrows, modern archery is far from the wooden bows and arrows of yesteryear.

Today's bows are made from special aluminium alloy and are designed to shoot aluminium and carbon graphite arrows at speeds of more than 150mph.

In Olympic archery, points are scored by hitting a target consisting of five colored rings. The closer the arrow lands to the "bulls eye", the higher the score achieved.

At the Olympics, 64 men and 64 women compete several through elimination rounds until only the top scorers remain.

In 2016, Olympic archery events will be held at Sambódromo, a huge stadium in Rio de Janeiro that is also the home of the famous samba parades during Rio's famous carnival!

Although archery has come a long way from its ancient roots, a good eye and a steady hand are still major requirements for competition in the sport.

Olympic archery fun facts:

The reigning queen, Soo-Nyung Kim

Ready, aim ... and then archers have only 40 seconds to release the arrow before they are disqualified.

• If an arrow is dropped or misfired, an archer can reshoot the arrow -- but only if they can reach it from the shooting line!

• To keep safe from misfired arrows, Olympic archery judges and their spotter hunker down in an area known as the blind.

• With a total of 19, South Korea boasts the most gold medals in Olympic archery.

• The "Queen of Archery", South Korean Soo-Nyung Kim made her Olympic debut at the age of 17 at the 1988 Seoul games. Earning a total of six medals, including four golds, she is the most decorated South Korean Olympian.

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