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olympic cycling
2016 Olympic cycling fast facts


BMX - Olympic BMX Center
Mountain biking - Olympic Mountain Bike Park
Road cycling - Flamengo Park
Track cycling - Rio Olympic Velodrome

: August 6 – August 21, 2016

Competitive cycling comes in many forms, none of which are even close to the ride in the park that most of us know.

Much like that other international cycling competition, the Tour de France, speed is the name of the game.

These are exciting, dynamic and powerful races. They happen either indoors on a sleek track, up a mountain, through the bumpy countryside; or in head-to-head races in exacting timed competitions.

In every instance, dreams of glory are countered by the real life threat of disaster at every turn.

BMX, the newest event on the Olympic program, is a series of eight-man races on a dirt track. This extreme version of cycling was inspired by the annual Summer X Games. and was first entered into Olympic competition with the Beijing games in 2008.

Olympic cycling fun facts

BMX: Might as well jump

• Unlike mountain bikes and road bikes, track bikes have no brakes!

• BMX events feature riders on bikes with 20 inch tires, only one gear, and one break racing over a dirt course that includes numerous tight turns and jumps. Each race lasts about 40 seconds.

• Track cycling is contained in a smooth oval track, called a velodrome, which is banked at an angle of 42 degrees on the ends and 12 degrees on the straightaways.

• Mountain biking features a harrowing obstacle course consisting of undulating and sometimes narrow dirt roads. Unlike road and track cycling, the mountain bike riders may receive no outside assistance during the race. They must make all repairs to their bikes themselves.

Just up ahead, follow all the races and get more information, photos and results during the Rio Games at these top sites...

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