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2016 Olympic field hockey fast facts

Venue: Olympic Hockey Center, Rio

: August 7 – August 20, 2016

Field hockey had been dominated by the Indian National Team for decades, but the European teams have been gaining ground, and the most recent Olympics have seen the gold won by Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Check out the complete field of Summer Olympic hockey greats just below, along with photos, video reports, and the latest updates from Rio...


Olympic field hockey fun facts:

Relief pentelic marble "Ball Players" 510-500 BC, NAMA 3476 102587
Ancient Greek hockey players, circa 510 B.C.

• Field hockey is one of the oldest competitive sports and was even played during the ancient Greek Olympic games.

• Modern day field hockey can trace its origins to the 1700's in Scotland, where the game was known as Shinty.

• Back in the day, games were so rough that field hockey was known as a contact sport.

• The UK spread the game's popularity far and wide to countries such as India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand. Today, field hockey is simply known as hockey everywhere except in North America.

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Federation Internationale d'Hockey (FIH)
- The International Hockey Federation home page, World Hockey, is the official Olympics field hockey site. Check for the latest on medal hopefuls and final results. A good selection of information about the events and the sport with coverage of other events that are not Olympic related.

BBC Olympics - Hockey - Along with videos, photo gallery and the latest updates, you'll also find the history of the sport, a beginner's guide and other goodies as well as connections to other Olympic coverage.

NBC Olympics - Field Hockey - The complete U.S. TV schedule, photos & athlete profiles, video clips, the latest updates and fan forum.


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