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olympic handball
2016 Olympic handball fast facts

Venue: Future Arena. Rio

: August 6 – August 21, 2016

Events: Men's and Women's

If you think of handball as only as a wall sport played with a little rubber ball -- you might be an American... and you're missing a great game!

While American handball is typically played against a wall, and beach handball is played on the beach, Olympic team handball is often compared to a mix of basketball and soccer.

The object of the game: to score more goals than the other team by throwing a ball (somewhat smaller than a soccer ball) into a net.

Games are an hour long and consist of two 30-minute halves. Players can only take three steps after catching the ball and can only hold the ball for three seconds before they must either pass, dribble (like basketball), or shoot.

Fast paced and physically demanding, men's handball became an Olympic sport in 1936. It was later dropped as an Olympic event, and only restored in 1972. The women's events were officially added in 1976.

Worldwide, handball is one of the most popular spectator sports at the Summer Olympic Games, and if you've never seen it played, fasten your seat belts!

Olympic handball fun facts

Olympic handball: a need for speed.

• Handball shots have been clocked at speeds approaching 65 miles per hour.

• Handball is the second most-played sport in Europe after football (soccer) and European teams usually dominate at the Olympic games. Of the 22 countries to have won Olympic medals, the only non-Europeans are the Republic of Korea and China.

• At its debut at the Berlin 1936 Games, handball matches consisted of 11 players per side and were contested in large, outdoor venues. The game later became even more fast-paced when the game moved indoors to feature only 7 players per team and moved indoors.

• The biggest ever victory in an Olympic handball game happened during the Moscow 1980 games when Yugoslavia defeated Kuwait 44-10 in the men’s tournament.

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