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Discus thrower, ancient Greece OlympicsWhile the modern Olympics may trace its root back to ancient Greece, the history of the modern games as we know them today began at the dawn of the 20th century in 1896.

In that year, it was Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin who helped organize the first modern games as a way to get young people more actively involved in physical exercise.

The location of the world's first international sports meet? It was in Athens, of course, where the first Olympic games originated in 776 BC.

In the inaugural matches, teams of athletes from France, the United States, England, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Hungary and Australia all met to compete in various sports. National pride was on the line as athletes participated in tennis matches, fencing, diving and swimming, bicycling, rowing, and at least one yacht race!

Robert Garrett competes in the discus throw in 1896.
American Olympian
legend Robert Garrett, competing in Athens
in 1896.

Winning most of the accolades was the Amercan team, a tradition of sports excellence that continues to this day.

In keeping with ancient Greek tradition, instead of gold medals the first modern Olympic champions were each presented with olive branch laurel crowns as a symbol to their ties to the games first played centuries before.

Deemed a great success by world leaders and the popular press that year, the modern games continued to inspire generations of kids and teens to aim at Olympic greatness.

Today, thousands of young athletes from around the planet gather to meet and compete in breathtaking feats of sportsmanship at events - numbering 35 in all -- at the Summer and Winter Olympic games.

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