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olympic judo
2016 Olympic judo fast facts

Venue: Carioca Arena, Olympic Traiing Center

: August 6 – August 12, 2016

Events: Men's and Women's

Originating from the ancient techniques of jujitso practiced by sumurai warriors, modern judo is a very competitive event, and it's at the Olympics where top martial artists from around the world gather to showcase their skills.

Similar to Western-style wrestling, contestants square off against each other on a mat. The object is to throw their opponent to the floor, and to pin them down using several different moves including choke, strangle hold, and armlock.

Points are scored for several different styles of throws and moves, with the highest scorer declared the winner. If there is no definitive winner after a five minute match, a sudden-death overtime ("golden score period") is called wherein the first fighter to score a point is declared the victor.

Judo made its Olympic debut at the Tokyo Games in its home country of Japan in 1964.

Since then, the program has been extended to include seven weight classes for men, and seven for women, ranging from heavyweight to extra lightweight.

The women's event was introduced as a demonstration sport in Seoul in 1988 and was later instated as a full Olympic sport at the Barcelona Games in 1992.

Olympic judo fun facts

Ronda Rousey, Olympic bronze medal winner.

• On her way to becoming the first UFC women's champion American, judo champ Ronda Rousey won a bronze medal in judo at the 2008 Gemes in Beijing.

• Aurélio Miguel won Brazil's first Olympic gold medal in judo in Seoul in 1988 without scoring a single point! His win was only due to judge's penalties against his opponents.

• In the past, all judo athletes competed in traditional white kimonos, but the rules were changed so that one wears blue in order to make it easier to distinguish between fighters during bouts.

• According to the official rulebook, judo athletes must "be clean and have dry skin and short finger nails and toe nails. They must also be free from body odor."

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