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Olympic shooting
2016 Olympic shooting fast facts

Venue: Naitonal Shooting Center, Rio

: August 6 – August 14, 2016

Competitors: 390

The Olympic games have a large number of shooting competitions for both men and women, with a total of 15 events in all - including five in each of the three major shooting disciplines – Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun. .

Men usually compete in 50m rifle three positions (prone, standing, kneeling); 50m rifle prone; 10m air rifle; 50m pistol; 25m rapid fire pistol; 10m air pistol; 10m running target; Trap (shotgun); Double Trap (shotgun); and Skeet (shotgun).

Meanwhile, women sure shots participate in the 50m rifle competition (prone, standing, kneeling); 10m air rifle; 25m pistol; 10m air pistol; Trap (shotgun); Double Trap (shotgun); and Skeet (shotgun) contests.

One of the most popular events at the Olympic shooting matches is the shotgun competition featuring three separate events. In the trap competition, a shooter will focus on three different areas that can release the target but doesn't know which one it will come from. In the double trap, two targets are released simultaneously. And in the skeet competition, two targets are released from different traps at either end of a semicircle.

Men's shooting was part of the first modern Olympic Games, in Athens in 1896, but women's events were not added until the Los Angeles 1984 Games

Olympic shooting fun facts

Ready, aim .... breathe.

• Winning gold at the Olympics takes more than 'eagle' eye. Shooters must also train to control their breathing rate in order to shoot from a more steady position.

• The Olympic shooting competition has become more animal-friendly over the years. At the Paris Games in 1900, for example, shooters fired at live pigeons.

• The USA's Carl Osburn holds the record for the most Olympic shooting medals with 11, including five golds.

• Canada's Gerald Ouellete achieved the perfect score of 600 at the Melbourne 1956 Games, hitting 60 bullseyes in a row.

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