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olympic wrestling
2016 Olympic wrestling fast facts

Venue: Olympic Training Center, Rio

: August 14 – August 21, 2016

Competitors: 344

One of the oldest known sports, wrestling dates back to 800 BC when the ancient Greeks staged the original Olympic games.

Around the world, today wrestling takes on many forms with different rules governing the sport by region or country. If your idea of of the sport was formed by WWE wrestling, be especially prepared for a very different spectator experience at Olympic wrestling.

Olympic wrestlers are disciplined athletes, with no props, who compete in several weight classes to see who has mastered the very real skills it takes to win the gold.

Greco-Roman wrestling - which appeared in the first Games in 1896 - is very structured, Use of the legs to make contact, or arms below the waist of opponents, are forbidden.

Freestyle, which was added in 1904, is much closer to what pro wrestlers do -- a no-holds barred exhibit of strength and strategy (without the grudge matches, of course).

Whether Greco-Roman or freestyle, the main goal is to pin the opponent's shoulders back to the mat for at least 2 seconds to be declared the victor.

If neither wrestler manages to pin their opponent by the end of the match, points are scored for the best executed throws or take down moves exhibited during the match to discern the winner.

Olympic wrestling fun facts

Early resistance trainer, Milo of Croton.

• Milo of Croton, one of the greatest Ancient Olympic champions, won the wrestling event 6 times over the span of 34 years. The ancient Greek athlete is also credited one of the earliest proponent of resistance training, and was said to have carried a bull on his back to gain strength.

• The longest wrestling match in Olympic history was fought between Russia's Martin Klein and Finland's Alfred Asikainen at the 1912 Stockholm Games. After a grueling 11 hours and 40 minutes, Klein finally pinned Asikainen to the mat.

• At the 1936 Berlin Games, heavyweight wrestler Kristjan Palusalu became the first and only wrestler in Olympic history to win the heavyweight gold medal in both Greco-Roman and freestyle.

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