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budget"If your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep will be your downfall..." said the wise old man who probably learned it the hard way.

Making sure that your outgo does not exceed your income is what budgeting is all about. Manage your money smart and there's no telling where you'll go or what dreams you can make reality.

Get your finances in shape with our guide to personal money management with tips, tutorials, and how-to's for everybody in the family - from the head of the household to the college-bound who may be on their own financially for the very first time...

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How To Create A Financial Budget - Free Financial Advice offers just that - no software to buy, no program fees, just good solid information with a few tools to help you learn how to budget, get debt free and even begin saving for your long range goals. Not a fancy site; the focus is on clear, easy to find information.



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