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paying on creditWhether you're apply for a new credit card, a car loan, or home mortgage, your credit report is worth, well, pretty much everything.

Protecting your credit standing is prime motivation for those who dream of one day applying for a home loan, purchasing a new car, starting their own small business, or just staying 'liquid' with personal loans in times of financial difficulty.

The following Web resources provide sensible advice, and related resources to help you get the best credit card deals, auto finance tips, and mortgage rates available, including helpful online tools and calculators to help you get a leg up on your personal credit management...

also see -> How to recover from a bad credit rating report

More about credit cards & personal credit around the Web: - Credit Cards - More than you ever thought you should know is available at Bankrate, with this section offering the latest news, features on credit card basics and credit management, calculators to find the best credit card deals and much more.

The Credit Card You Pick Can Save You Money - Not a great title, but an otherwise informative article from the Federal Reserve Board that also offers up a glossary of credit terms as well as links to further resources. Finance Tips - The online authority on buying a car in the U.S. featuring helpful articles on car financing and refinancing basics, tips for subprime borrowers and credit tips.

Choosing and Using Credit, Debit, and Charge Cards - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission guide to their wise and frugal use with shopping tips, disputing credit card charges, and related resources to more information.

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