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find a jobWhether you are a first time job hunter, a recent grad looking for that perfect entry position to match your new degree, or an experienced person who has been downsized or laid off and need to find the next rung in your career ladder... the Internet is the place to look for work.

In the best economic times, finding a new job can be a challenge.

When the economy takes a turn for the worse, experienced people go back into the job pool — which heats up competition for the work that is out there. Getting interviews may be hard, but landing a position is harder.

Some employers want new grads who will work for less and others want more experienced people who have a good work history. Not every trashed cover letter or blown job interview is the applicant's fault, but if you intend to stand out in the crowd... it's time to get your tools together.

Do The Homework

Before you send out a cover letter or post your resume online, take a little time to find out what is selling in this market. If you wanted to sell a house, you'd look at market prices and improvements that impress. An extra bathroom, new appliances, and a new deck may all be items that improve your chances of getting a buyer interested in your house.

In the job market, you want to sell yourself. You want to impress with your ability to fit into the work environment, get the job done right, and contribute to the morale and profits of the company who hires you. Every item in your resume and every word in your cover letter should add to the image of you... as an asset to the job.

Cover Letters To Impress

Tailor your cover letter to each position. Xeroxed introductory letters and spam resumes do not impress. There are plenty of applications for every position. You want the person who reads your cover letter to think that you spent some time finding out about THIS job. A generic letter addressed to "Dear Sir" will get trashed... especially if the 'sir' reading your cover letter happens to be a female. Find out who, or at least which department, will receive your application and address that person, or at least the correct department, in your letter.

Before The Interview

Don't set out for a job interview without preparing for the questions you will face. Dress the part. Even the most laid back bosses have basic expectations. Try to find out what those expectations are, and go in prepared to meet or surpass them. Expect to face a few rejections before you make a good match. Think of each interview as training for the next one. Figure out what went wrong and work on making it go right the next time.

Practice, practice, practice...

Building your interviewing skills takes practice. Start with applications for jobs that you don't think you have a good chance to land. If you surprise yourself and get hired, wonderful!

If you don't match what they're looking for, that's fine... you kind of expected that! Try speaking to the person who interviewed you and ask for an honest appraisal of your interview skills. Not everyone will be honest, but if you explain that you want to learn from the experience, you just may get some top notch tips on improving your image.

After a few rounds of interviews you'll find yourself a bit more relaxed. Go for the jobs you're sure you qualify for and put those improved skills to work impressing the interviewers you meet.

These sites are the top places on line to hook up with your future...

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More about finding a job online:

Career One Stop - US Department of Labor site with incredible resources including the America's Job Bank section with more than one million job listings. (US)

Job Line International - An international job board with positions at all levels and German, French, Spanish and Portuguese versions in addition to the English site. They also link to an immense library of additional job seeking resources. - One of the first online job boards, Monster has improved with age. When they first started out, the jobs were basic entry level openings, but now you can find just about any type of position. Post your resume and you're on your way. (US)

Escape Artist - Dreaming of living and working overseas can become a reality. This site gathers job offerings and resources for Americans who want to work abroad. They do have links to International newspapers where nationals of other countries can check for job openings, but the focus is on US citizens who want to work in other lands. (US)

Natural Resource Specialties - Cyber-Sierra has thousands of conservation related jobs. The top menu lists the categories and the rest of the entry page is dedicated to motivating you and providing you with tools to help you land that elusive position. (US)

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