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Kids are intrigued about
how the real world works.

Teaching family finances can be hard, especially when kids have their favorite foods served up each night, cool clothes to wear to school each day, and even allowances doled out every week from their favorite ATM machine — that's right, Mom and Dad!

While everything from their point of view seems to appear like magic, kids love learn about the real world. With a little persuasion, they can be introduced to new ideas about what it actually takes to juggle expenses and - surprise - may even be happy to help out.

Around the Web, check out top sites that help teach every member of the family how to "get" the importance of good money management featuring tips and tricks on running a household, saving money at the checkout counter, and how kids and teens can learn to grow all that money they're saving...

More about family finances around the Web:

Elementary Economics Lessons - Comprehensive guide to teaching kids about the value of money with tutorials on spending, saving and budgeting, related lesson plans, budgeting worksheets.

How to Teach Young Kids to Save - report on getting the whole family involved in saving money with tips on talking to kids about real world family expenses.

Family Finances - A Family Budget - Information on how to get everyone to pitch in for a budget that all can live with puts this one high on the list. No points scored for ease-of-navigation, however.

Blue Suit Mom - Family Finances - A mother lode of feature articles, tips and advice on running your household on a budget with financial calculators, suggested reading, and kid's resources.

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