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Baby boomers who once advised "never trust anyone over 30!" are fast coming to grips with the fact they may need long-term care in the not-too-distant future.

Of course, long-term care may be required at any age for anyone with a chronic illness or disability, but the odds increase as you age that you may require the services provided by long-term care.

These may include a visiting nurse, home care assistants to help with dressing, bathing or cooking meals, or other services that are offered in community centers and assisted living or nursing homes.

Since 70 percent of Americans in need of care are looked after by friends or family at home, you may never need to pay the costs for long-term care. But consumers who choose not to burden friends or family can look forward to the independence that long-term care provides as they age. Just be careful of long-term care insurance scams that target seniors who may be vulnerable to scare tactics from unscrupulous insurers.

As with any type of financial planning service, it's always best to deal with reputable, long-established companies who will still be around when you truly need them.

Check out more information on long-term care insurance on the Web, including expert tips and advice on what it provides, how much it costs, and how to choose the right policy for you, along with facts on government funding, employee programs, and how to save for your own long-term care...

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American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance - Interactive quiz to test your knowledge of long-term savings, online calculator to estimate savings to pay for long-term care and checklists for determining ability for self-funding, paying for insurance and relying on government programs.

Paying for Long Term Care - Online brochure explaining the best time to buy, selecting the right insurer and policy, covered services, costs, glossary of terms and related resources.


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