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title insurance policyTitle insurance is a uniquely American form of protection.

The haphazardness of early American land sales - exemplified by the wild and woolly days of land rushes and frontier settlements - resulted in the first title insurance policy being sold in the 19th century.

Wild West land swaps, in turn, were based on the British colonial deed conveyance system in which land was sold and transferred along with a packet of deeds to the new owner. Despite careful review by a lawyer, titles could be easily be disputed, resulting in a surprise claim by the rightful owner.

The troubled history of American title claims, combined with title insurance regulations that continue to vary state by state (and sometimes within states) means that it is almost impossible to obtain a mortgage in the U.S. today without first buying a title insurance policy.

On the Web, find out more about title insurance, what it protects, how much it costs and additional tips, advice, facts and information on the insurance policy that American homeowners can't do without...

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