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insurance protects your worldTime was when families banded together to help neighbors get over the loss of failed crops, destroyed property, or lost livestock.

These common acts of kindness were, like modern risk pools, insurance against future misfortunes whereupon ("what goes around comes around") everyone else might come to their aid.

Today, insurance is still based upon the notion of shared risk, but the companies that sell insurance polices are, first and foremost, in business solely for profit. Thereby explains the higher costs of any type of insurance today - car, home, property and most notably health insurance - as rates and deductibles skyrocket along with other costs of living.

Just up ahead, learn more about saving money when buying an insurance policy along with helpful information from consumer groups, story articles on the advantages and pitfalls of purchasing insurance, related resources, plus a key bit of advice on navigating the consumer insurance market. That is, it pays to shop around ....

Acts of God Insurance Homeowners Insurance PMI Mortgage Insurance
Car Insurance Hurricane Insurance Renters Insurance
Coop-Condo Insurance ID Theft Insurance Term Life Insurance
Disability Insurance Life Insurance Title Insurance
Earthquake Insurance Liability Insurance Unemployment Insurance
Fire Insurance Long Term Care Insurance Universal Life Insurance
Flood Insurance   Whole Life Insurance


Moving Insurance Tips & Advice

Moving insurance advice

Because of problems that can occur when your stuff is transported, moving companies are required to have some basic insurance as protection. Even with this minimal insurance, however, purchasing additional coverage might be a good idea ....

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  • More about buying insurance policies around the Web:

    The following top sites were chosen for their clear and quick access to auto, home, health and life insurance info including printable charts, interactive tools, FAQ's, rate comparisons, downloadable informational brochures and more...

    Insurance Information Institute - Industry information portal with consumer tools to help with finding various types of insurance by state, car safety rating database, financial planning tips and a glossary of terms.

    Insurance Basics - - There's convenient one-stop shopping at this portal to consumer insurance, with a searchable guide to 3,000 articles, insurance news by state, and an interface that allows for insurance rate comparisons among over 300 companies. Links to sister sites in the UK and Canada.

    Homeowners Insurance - 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy - A good cache of story articles on how to buy home or renters insurance, flood insurance and more with related money saving tips.

    Consumer Information Center: Nine Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs - Prices for the same coverage may vary by hundreds of dollars, so it pays to shop around. With a printable chart to help you put insurers through their paces in lowering your total annual costs.

    Auto Insurance FAQ's - An entire page of Q&A on insurance basics, filing a claim and more.


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