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tracking investimentsIndividual investments in the stock market are being pushed as a good long term hedge against inflation and a solid base for retirement funds.

With bank interest rates remaining at record lows the only place you're likely to see your money grow is via higher-risk investments with (hopefully) higher returns, say the experts.

If you are interested in getting into this area or learning more about the ups and downs of the bull and bear markets, you need access to unbiased, knowledgeable facts and information.

Around the Web, check out some of the best sites for investment advice to provide you what you need to know to get excellent returns at minimum risk. Get into smart investing with top sites devoted to related topics — like how to safely invest online in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds — along with related facts and information both for the beginner and seasoned investor...

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More about investing around the Web:

Financial Facts Toolkit - Tutorials on market risks, mutual funds, choosing a financial planner and lots more for the newbie investor courtesy of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. - Another great mega-site covering all subjects of investing and personal finance. Great place to start gathering basic information or to hone your skills as an investor.

MonkeyChimp - A fun read with general interest articles on stock investing, interest funds, valuation models and more. No monkey business here, just good solid investing information that you can use to pick the right combination for your own portfolio.

Bogleheads - Hang out at this busy forum and get a college education on investing and related news plus more on taxes, personal finance, real estate, consumer issues.

American Association of Individual Investors - Informative articles, message forums, although the site's wealth can only mined by signing up as a paid member. - Fee-based or free services including beginner guides to stocks and bonds, related FAQ, links and resources.


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