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signing a loan agreementEveryone knows the old advice, "Never a borrower or a lender be," but in the modern world loans and credit have just about replaced cash savings as the way that average people finance large purchases.

Whether you are thinking about a personal loan to help buy a house, a car, or just some financial help with bills that have gotten out of hand, the educated consumer takes time out to learn about the fine print before making any loan decisions.

What terms can you get on your loan? How much will the interest rate and fees cost before the loan is paid back? Can you do anything to improve your credit score before you apply — and qualify for money saving lower interest rates?

Of course, it makes sense to avoid borrowing when you can. The catch is that buying a car, a home or investing in a business or education may require money you don't have easy access to. The benefits of a loan, in those cases, may outweigh the costs in the long term.

The current economy has put a strangle hold on loan money from banks and other traditional lenders. Some consumers are shopping for alternative sources for cash. Borrowing against retirement accounts, friends, family and other creative solutions to the tight loan markets are helping some, but many others wind up resorting to less attractive, high interest loans or adding more to already overloaded credit card debt.

One alternative that it working for many borrowers and investors is micro financing. This peer-to-peer lending makes loan funds available in communities and to people who are blocked from financing through more traditional avenues. The concept is that many people invest small amounts of money that are then made available to those needing loans.

The amounts financed through micro loans are usually small, but the cash influx can mean the difference between success and failure to a small business owner or individuals trying to improve their financial situation. Surprisingly, the default rate on these community loans tend to be very low. The funds repaid are usually left in the pool to help others in the community.

In short, it really pays to comparison shop for personal, home, or car loans. Just up ahead, learn more at top sites that offer helpful tips, advice and how to's on securing the best terms, repayment options and interest rates.

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