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It's more than saving up pennies in a piggy bank or staying within your weekly budget.

But what exactly is financial planning?

Simply put, it's the long-range goals you have for investing your money, planning for retirement, paying your taxes, and basically making your money work for you and your family with a life insurance policy even after you're gone

Today, with so much information available on the Internet, you can choose to educate yourself on what the best plan of action may be, or go the traditional route by hiring a certified financial planner for professional advice.

Around the Web, get the big picture — with advice and info on planning for the future and growing that nest egg on the road to financial security for you and your family...

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More about financial planning around the Web:

Publications USA - Money - Offering pamphlets on saving, investing, and financial planning, viewable either online or via PDF files. Many free, and some at a nominal charge.

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors - Find a US certified financial planner by city or state, along with a related FAQ, advice on what questions to ask and other guides to seeking out the best professional help.

Financial Planning Association - Helpful consumer tips on retirement, estate planning, savings, investing, and related topics including a FAQ and Ask A Financial Planner form for submitted questions.

Financial Facts Tool Kit - The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission offers advice on investing and retirement, with links to resources and free government consumer guides.

Financial Planning - Eavesdrop on the professionals as they swap info and advice at this industry-related site.

Upromise - The Way to Save for College - The automatic savings plan you may have heard about in the U.S., with an almost painless way to save for your kids' college education including details on how it works, a list of partner companies and registration information.


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