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The US Virgin Islands imposes no state tax.

Full-time residents, seasonal workers, and others who derive income on the islands must still file their Federal form 1040 each year by April 15. When that date falls on a weekend or holiday, filers get until the next business day to submit their state returns.


Individuals Living or Working in U.S. Possessions - Information and printable 1040 and 8689 forms for residents and non-residents, with related mailing addresses, instructions and contact info.

Publication 570, Tax Guide for Individuals With Income from U.S. Possessions - Discussing how to treat income received in U.S. possessions on your U.S. tax return and whether you are required to file a return with the possession, including details on American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Tax News

IRS Tax News & Updates

Other useful Web links to state taxpayers associations, CPA groups, business organizations or general U.S. state tax facts & information :

USVI Income Taxes - Facts and information on establishing a business in the USVI with more on income and business taxes, incentives, plus contact info and related references.

Tariff and Tax Information for U.S. Territories - A brief description of shipped goods to the U.S. Virgin Island traditionally subject to excise taxes with more on regulations governing other U.S. possessions and territories.

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