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life insurance policyWhile there's always risk involved in taking out a universal life insurance, flexibility is the key when discussing its advantages.

Universal life combines features of both whole life and term insurance. As with whole life, you can build up a cash reserve. As with term life, you can vary the premium payments and coverage amount from year to year.

The central advantage of universal life is in the interest paid. While interest on a whole life policy is adjusted annually, the interest paid on universal life insurance is adjusted monthly. This translates into the policy's cash value increasing much more rapidly in times of high interest rates.

The downside to the universal policy arrangement is, of course, in periods when interest rates drop. As low interest rates continue, the cash value drops along with it which means having to pay a higher premium to cover the difference.

Depending on your financial situation, you may decide to stick with the safer, and more traditional term life insurance or whole life insurance policy.

On the Web, discover more detailed facts about universal life coverage with comparisons to whole and term insurance policies, its risks and benefits, along with additional information on variable universal, and adjustable life insurance...

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