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Millions who served in the armed forces following World War II returned home desperate for help to get back on their feet and settled into their new lives as civilians.

In response, the government enacted the GI Bill in 1944, which offered unemployment compensation, education benefits, and loans to help them buy their first home or start a business.

Since its early implementation, the GI Bill has undergone several major legislative reviews and overhauls, and today has almost become synonymous with a full range of benefit programs that assist veterans of foreign wars as well as those who enlist in peacetime service.

Education Assistance - Post 9/11 GI Bill

In its most recent reincarnation passed in 2008, the Post 9/11 GI Bill has come under fire for a new stipulation with a major change to the GI Bill college education benefit.

Under the old bill, a standard monthly education stipend was awarded veterans. Under the new bill, however, individual states now have a major influence over how much assistance veterans receive for their education.

As a result, veterans may receive either a full tuition reimbursement, or very little, depending on which colleges they attend and in which US state they are located. However, it's expected that veteran advocates on the state level will help campaign to level the playing field..

VA Home Loans

In addition to educational benefits, the VA Home Loan Program offers veterans and active duty personnel (who meet income requirements and are credit worthy) special terms arranged by the US Veteran's Affairs Home Loan Guaranty Services, offering a fast track to home ownership and a more affordable way to acquire a new home without having to save for a down payment.

Vocational Rehabilitation, Compensation & Disability Pension

The GI Bill also provides a vocational rehabilitation program for eligible active duty service members and veterans with disabilities related to their services in the armed forces. Those eligible can take advantage of vocational and military separation counseling, a subsistence allowance while training, and help with finding a job employment assistance after training.

Among a large number of more severely injured veterans who need health care or can no longer work, the compensation and disability program is perhaps the most controversial, since many find the often confusing benefits application process difficult to navigate without legal assistance.

More about the GI Bill and veterans benefits around the Web:

Around the Web, find more on Veterans health benefits, educational and financial programs for 'survivors' and 'dependents', veterans' burial benefits, along with insider guides to successfully applying for a range of other programs available through the GI Bill and US Department of Veterans Affairs.

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- The complete official guide to how to qualify and apply for available education benefits, pension, rehabilitation and vocational training, home loans, life insurance and survivor benefits including fact sheets, FAQ, a directory of regional offices and related resources.

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VetsFirst Guide To State Veterans Benefits - Primarily addressing the needs of disabled veterans with information on military separation, related self-help guide, interactive map to veterans benefits by state.




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