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life insuranceThe solid mainstay of the life insurance industry, "permanent" or whole life insurance is one of the most widely held among consumers.

Of course, the insurance company you deal with is the main factor in whether it remains rock solid in guaranteeing death benefits and cash value. So it pays to shop around - and to learn more about the company's financial health before you purchase your policy.

The most basic form of cash-value life insurance, whole life provides an opportunity to build up tax-deferred equity as you pay your monthly premiums. Unlike bare bones term life insurance, whole life can also be borrowed against in the event of a financial pinch, or even forfeited for its cash value.

In addition, there are a handful of options to whole life you can explore with an insurance agent, depending your financial circumstances.

These include a single one-time premium payment, which gives the policy immediate cash value; or policies that allow for lower payments in the beginning and higher payments in later years (modified whole life); or initial lower payments that gradually level off (graded premium).

On the Web, learn more about the policy that's best for you at top sites offering tips and advice, policy comparisons, and the basic pros and cons of purchasing whole life insurance ...

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